Origin and history of the Siamese Cat

Siamese cat

The Siamese cat originated in Thailand, known as Siam at that time. The Thai manuscript ‘Tamra Maew’ or ‘The cat book poems’ depict their chronological age. This manuscript was written between the 14 to 18 centuries.  Hence the Siamese cats are said to be 14 to 18 centuries old.

In Thailand, many royal families adopted Siamese cats. They were chosen as it was believed that after the death of a loved one, his soul entered the body of a Siamese cat. In Thailand, they are also known as ‘Wichien Maat’ or ‘Moon Diamond’ in English.

Personality and traits of a Siamese cat

If you need a pet cat that will love you and be affectionate towards you, the Siamese cats are a great choice. These cats have a history of interaction with humans, so it makes sense why they are good partners.

They also have a stunning and unique appearance that attracts people towards them. That’s why they are also one of the most expensive cat breeds. Not only that, but they also have other personality traits, which are explained below:

Siamese cats are affectionate

They love and understand humans better than any other pet. They show extreme love and affection towards humans in different ways. They love talking and following their owners around. So, if you want to adopt a Siamese cat, know that you will never be bored.

Siamese cats have a unique appearance

The beauty of the Siamese  comes from the unique color pattern on its face, paws, and ears. They are usually born with plain, light-colored, often white fur. But as they get older, they develop beautiful dark-colored coats or a contrast between black, chocolate, lilac, or blue.

They have deep blue eyes that can make anyone fall for them. They used to have triangular heads and almond eyes, but nowadays, most Siamese cats have round heads due to evolution.

Siamese cats are amiable:

They may look classy or severe, but they have an amiable nature. They show friendly behavior with not only humans but also other cats and animals. They love to sit and cuddle on their owner’s laps and meow loudly to have conversations.

Siamese cats are sensitive:

As with many pets, the  cats also take even slight harshness to heart. They love and trust humans, and if any human mistreats them, they may become very emotional. So, always keep a positive approach towards the Siamese cats and other animals.

Siamese cats are brilliant:

They are intelligent and very curious, especially about new things. They have an intelligence level higher than many other animals. They adapt to the new environment quickly. However, their curiosity can lead to quite a mess as they discover new things.

Things you need to know about the health and care of the Siamese cats:

Every person loves their pet and wants to take good care of their health to lead a healthy life. We will tell you some of the health concerns of a Siamese cat and how you can prevent them, or what measures you should take to care for your Siamese cat:


  • Dental diseases.
  • Viral infections.
  • Parasitic infections.
  • (Abnormal production of amyloid protein compound in organs leading to clogged organs)
  • (Condition in which esophagus enlarges and doesn’t digest food properly)
  • Feline hyperesthesia Syndrome ( Increased sensitivity to touch on the skin).
  • Eye problems or diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).
  • Separation anxiety.

These diseases can lead much more problems for your Siamese cat in daily life. So, take good care of them from the beginning to prevent these diseases from affecting them. Following are some tips to care for your cat:

  • Cats are not very good at taking care of themselves when it comes to dental care. That’s why you have to take this responsibility to brush your cat’s teeth regularly so that they may not get any chronic diseases. Also, brush her coat.
  • Vaccination prevents many infections like rabies, panleukopenia, or rhinotracheitis, etc. Core vaccines are usually preferred for cats. Consult your vet and have your cat vaccinated.
  • It is also essential to perform wellness checkups for your cat. You should take your cat to the wet at least twice a year because the cats, like other animals, love to play in the dirt and eat dirty stuff which can contain harmful parasites.
  • Spaying and neutering is an essential step if you have adopted any pet. You should also get your  cat spayed or neutered because it can lead to hostile and aggressive outbursts if you don’t. It also protects the cat from many tumors and cancers.
  • If you find any abnormality in your cat’s behavior, immediately take him to the vet to confirm his health.

Diet and nutrition requirements for Siamese cats

Give your cat a proper diet filled with nutrients according to their needs. Diet holds a primary effect on the health of living beings. When it comes to the Siamese cats, you should be careful about the following things:

Water is an essential component when it comes to good health. Always keep an entire bowl of water for your Siamese cat. If your cat is naughty and does not drink water, then find playful ways to make him drink water like a fountain.

Your cat’s food should contain high amounts of proteins and low amounts of carbs. If you choose to use commercial food, then make sure that it is of high quality.

The Siamese cats are susceptible to many eye diseases. Taurine is an ingredient that will help prevent any harmful eye diseases, so it is better to buy taurine food.

The Siamese cats are also prone to obesity. So give them amounts of food appropriate for their age. Almost all cat foods provide information about the proportion of eating.

But if you are making food at home, consult your vet to maintain your cat’s diet. If you don’t feel the ribs of your cat, it means you are overfeeding him.

Training and exercising needs of a Siamese cat

The Siamese cats are very easy to train as they are brilliant and curious about their own. They love to learn new things and may even express their opinion through their meows.

While training the Siamese cat, make sure to be completely engaged with them, make them feel loved, and give them attention. Unlike other cats, the Siamese cats don’t hate the leaches; if you train them well, they may even like them.

Keep a gentle approach. The early you start, the better. Do not be harsh with your cat; keep your calm. If your cat learns a thing or improves, always give your cat a treat. If your cat is adapted to the leach, you could also use a harness for extra protection.

Train them about other things such as litter or clicker training by keeping a positive and calm approach. Give them time and show affection towards them, and they will learn better.

As for any animal, exercise is also essential for a  cat. Take your cat out for a walk regularly and also practice a brisk walk. You can also play games with him that may involve the motion of the body like a catch.

Fun facts about the Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is considered to be one of the oldest cat breeds. Thus, it naturally holds many fun and fascinating secrets. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • The Siamese  became the 12 most popular cat breed in the USA in 2012.
  • The Siamese cats are estimated to be 700 years old.
  • Which cat does not love milk? Well, there is one. The Siamese cat. That’s because they are lactose intolerant.
  • Due to their high intelligence, the Siamese cats are highly demanding. They always get what they want.
  • Their intelligence also makes them quite clever, so look out for all the unguarded windows and doors. Because this breed can also figure out to open them.
  • Many famous people, including Marilyn Monroe and US president Rutherford, owned the Siamese cat.
  • The  cat does not like loneliness. They love to socialize and interact with people.
  • They are prone to eye diseases. Hence, their vision may also be affected by less light causing night blindness.

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